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In our UnSchool Challenge and Serving To Learn frameworks traditional roles start to change naturally as a byproduct of new academic architecture.  Teachers must coach, guide, and mentor.  Students must partner, reflect, and engage.  Most importantly, all parties involved have an intentionally designed opportunity to share, learn, and grow together.  

What are the most pressing needs in our community? How can I help? What's the most innovative and sustainable way to provide it?

A personalized matrix of classes, credits, and  concepts helps students create a unique roadmap to project completion and skill mastery.

Teachers play to their strengths and work side by side with students to build contextual understanding in a framework of service, mentorship, and reciprocal coach-ability.

A robust ecosystem of learning  develops as the school experience begins to better model life's organic processes of growth (inquisition, experimentation, collaboration, practice, achievement).

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